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Halifax’s Creative duo


James & Danny joined forces during the pandemic, so we could have our own shared studio space. We moved to Albion Street and after 1.5 years we quickly outgrew our premises. Then 7 Carrier St, literally in the same building became avalaible and we made the bold leap to move and expand our businesses. The whole process involved both our families, to make sure that we were all happy with what we created in terms of space and facilities going forward.

Our Media Centre can be found on Albion Street and is one of the most extensive and well-equipped photographic studio in the area. We’re proud to be part of the very stylish Westgate Arcade too, home to many eateries and shops. Literally, the place to be in Halifax.

Lucky for us, our neighbours are the fantastic Piece Hall. So after your photography or videography session, you can have a wander around the shops and bars at the Piece Hall, or if you’re in work mode, feel free to sub-let one of our meeting rooms to catch up on some work.

We both bring our creative skills to the table, with James and Rainbow Trout Films, whom has over 27 years of Film and TV production experience, from Harry Potter to Last of the Summer Wine and Danny, Northern Wedding Photographer of the year 2020, and many commerical clients under his belt in the west Yorkshire region and growing, aim to be the number one creative production hub in Halifax.

To have a faclility like this in Halifax is amazing for both local and national clients. From product photographer to corporate video, we have got it covered.

Danny & James